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Plant premises of Mannesmann Grossrohr

Technology leader
As the first manufacturer to use HTS technology and by continuously fine-tuning this process ever since, we are defining the limits of what is feasible in the production of helically welded large-diameter pipe.

Long-standing experience
For over 55 years now we have served customers around the globe in such industries as gas and oil pipeline construction, energy storage and other applications for large-diameter pipe.

Excellent reputation
Our customers appreciate our quality, dependability and schedule reliability. Our flexibility, even in exceptional situations, is second to none.

The perfect partner
Our qualified experts provide advice and support through all phases of a project – comprehensive, competent and there as and when necessary.

A strong group
As part of the Mannesmann Division in the Salzgitter AG Group family we can ensure that our customers profit from the extensive know-how transfer within a broad-based steel and technology Group.

Our history

1959 – Production of the first helically welded large-diameter pipe
1967 – Approval for pipe production to API 5L
1970 – Delivery of the first pipe in grade X70 steel
1987 – Introduction of HTS (helical two-step) technology
2017 - Renaming of Salzgitter Mannesmann Großrohr to Mannesmann Grossrohr

Brand of the century

Brand of the century
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