Integrated Management System (IMS)

Our comprehensive Integrated Management System (IMS) ensures that our corporate principles are consistently observed in all work processes, strategic and operative decisions and the fulfillment of all contractual agreements.

Objectives of equal ranking in this context are:

  • uniform high quality of products and services
  • the highest possible occupational safety and health protection for all employees
  • comprehensive environmental protection
  • responsible deployment of natural resources

The daily implementation of our IMS follows fixed rules and procedures. In the development, production and distribution of our products and services, we focus on:

  • extensive integrated quality assurance measures
  • ecologically and economically responsible use of natural resources
  • minimization of safety and injury risks and prevention of health impairment
  • avoidance of environmental impact
  • ongoing optimization of recycling rates

Regular certifications of our IMS verify the successful results of our related efforts.