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Product range

Product range at a glance
Product range at a glance

We manufacture spiral-weld large-diameter pipe to individual customer specifications. Our customers invest in products that are technically superior and totally reliable through a long service life – products that meet the most exacting requirements and tolerances on diameter accuracy, roundness and straightness.

Our range of dimensions comprises:

  • Wall thicknesses from 7 to 25.4 mm (0.281'' to 1'')
  • Outside diameters from 610 to 1,676 mm (24'' to 66'')
  • Pipe lengths from 9.0 to 18.3 m

Other dimensions on request.

Within the range of dimensions outlined above, we can provide any inside and/or outside diameter to suit individual customer requirements.

We also select the optimum materials and coatings/linings for our large-diameter pipe to match the intended application and pipe-laying site. Our outstanding delivery performance makes us a particularly dependable logistics partner.


Henning Zitterich

Henning Zitterich
Sales Director

Phone: +49 5341 21-4025
Fax: +49 5341 21-3140

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