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Oil pipelines

The transportation of oil places high demands on line pipe. We can draw on wide expertise and experience from numerous projects that make us the ideal partner in the construction of oil pipelines, both onshore and offshore. Thanks to our high delivery capacities, we can ensure dependable supplies for projects of all sizes.

Project showcases

Fos-sur-Mer - Manosque (France) | Sagess / Sofresid
Dimensions 660 x 10 / 11 / 12.5 / 14.2 / 16 mm
Material X60
Total length 72.1 km
Tonnage 13,425 t
Coating PE
Delivery year 2006
Fos-sur-Mer - Manosque (France)

Chad - Cameroon | ExxonMobil
Dimensions 762 x 9.83 / 11.71 mm
Material X70
Total length 629 km
Tonnage 123,810 t
Coating PE
Delivery years 2000-2002
Chad - Cameroon


Henning Zitterich

Henning Zitterich
Sales Director

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